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Smart Flex 500 Electric Adjustable Bed
  • Smart Flex 500 Electric Adjustable Bed
Smart Flex 500 Electric Adjustable Bed

Smart Flex 500 Electric Adjustable Bed

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Base Adjustable Bed Size
  • Thanks to Okin components, your Smart Flex bed surpasses the competition
  • Capacity 1000 lbs.
  • Wireless remote control
  • Adjustable leg height
  • Flat position
  • Head and foot elevation
  • Head elevation Elevation of the feet
  • Resistant structure entirely in steel, without wood panels.
  • High quality, reliable mechanisms and motors for unmatched satisfaction.
  • Quick and easy assembly without tools.
  • 3 year warranty including 100% in-home service! Valid in Canada and USA!
Lit Ajustable Électrique Smart Flex 500
  • Head and Foot Joint - Okin Motors, the industry leaders, lifting the head, foot or both simultaneously for maximum comfort.
  • 1000 lbs lifting capacity - The most powerful base on the market for its lifting capacity.
  • 6 Height Adjustable Legs - Six legs for maximum comfort, safety and durability, while allowing height adjustment.
  • Zero Gravity Position- One touch to relieve pressure on joints with zero gravity mode.
  • Flashlight - The remote control has a handy "flashlight" mode.
  • All Metal Frame - Steel mesh design, no wood panels. Foldable
  • Design - All basic components are pre-attached.
  • Fabric Upholstered - Premium fabric provides greater stability.
  • Choice of 4 colors Assembly without tools -
  • Quick installation, only 4 corner legs to install.
  • Corner Mattress Supports -
  • Premium quality, prevents mattress movement.
  • Available in the following formats: Single XL, Double, Queen, King.
  • Smart Flex Canada Smart Flex offers a high quality product with cutting edge features and functionality at the most competitive price. We make sure we are at the forefront of innovation while monitoring consumer demands and market trends. We use only top quality components, such as German engineered Okin parts, to deliver extraordinary performance.
  • The same technology and quality used for high-end medical equipment ensures you maximum performance and durability of your bed. Smart Flex, innovative and always at the forefront, to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers.